ICA: 109th Annual Conference

The ICA would like to thank the 109th Annual ICA Education Conference Sponsors and Exhibitors


Archangel Investigations & Protection

Archangel Investigations and Protection is a full service private investigation, security and personal protection company providing professional, confidential services to attorneys, corporations, small businesses and private individuals. Our licensed investigators conduct all investigations professionally, efficiently and with the utmost discretion assuring our clients of complete confidentiality and case integrity. All of our investigators are fully trained and experienced with specialties in surveillance, skiptracing, background checks and claims investigations. Archangel’s protection staff are primarily off duty police officers and detectives. We provide professional executive protection & bodyguard services to our clients. These services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our executive protection specialists are requested by corporate CEOs and heads of industry. We can provide one to sixty bodyguards on short notice. Archangel is licensed as an investigation and security/protection agency with corporate headquarters located in Los Angeles, California. Archangel also maintains licenses and operations in 39 other states and is still expanding.


Digitech Systems

How much are manual claims processes costing you? Companies that switch from paper to digital claims saved $4.53/transaction, and the claims processing cycle was reduced by 2 weeks! Do you want to automate your processes, but don’t know where to start? Come learn how we can help you automate your processes with our patented artificial intelligence engine or stop our booth for a live demo. Our technology automatically sorts, routes, and classifies claims. Reduce manual processes, increase claim accuracy, and reduce costs!



FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions Division (FastTrackRTW.com) provides technology and services to disability and life insurance carriers, worker compensation carriers, self-insured employers and TPA providers that assist in proactively managing claim liability on short and long-term disability claims, workers compensation claims, and life waiver of premium disability claims through enhanced risk management programs. Through the utilization of FastTrack's Technology and Services it creates an automated, consistent, repeatable, and objective risk management decision-making pathway for enhanced adjudication throughout the life cycle of a claim. When necessary on Short and Long-Term Disability Claims it expedites the return of claimants and injured workers to their existing employers and provides the ability to identify new employment opportunities when occupational changes are required in line with the claimants functional capacity, training, education, experience, and carriers disability policy definitions. Financially, it offers direct savings from a disability benefits payout, reserve releases, and waived premium.


Research Services Bureau

Research Service Bureau helps clients fight fraud by gathering facts, and delivering unbiased, objective information to a claim team. We operate through a portal environment that utilizes best practices in data security and will ensure your team stays compliant. Since 1981, we have completed records retrievals, canvasses, and background checks that assist with case adjudication for life and disability through both foreign and domestic expertise. Offices in NY, Seattle, London and Vienna to serve your information needs quickly and efficiently.




From real-time, interactive generation of claims correspondence to fully-automated, policy generation, Cincom’s easy-to-use, software solutions help insurers strengthen relationships, minimize risks, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market for all their customer communications. For over three decades, Cincom has led the industry in providing customer communication solutions that are easy to integrate and easy to use.

CoventBridge Group

CoventBridge Group is the leading worldwide full service investigation solutions company providing: Surveillance, SIU and Compliance, Claims Investigation, Counter-Fraud Programs, Desktop Investigations, Social Media, Record Retrieval, Canvasses and Vendor Management programs. With offices in the UK and U.S. the company provides top tier data privacy and security practices, deploys robust case management technology customized to clients’ needs and delivers worldwide coverage via its 1000 employees and affiliates worldwide.

Diligence International Group

When you deal with multimillion-dollar hedge funds, partner with large insurance carriers or engage in sophisticated commercial transactions, you need to know who you are doing business with. Under the leadership of Richard J. Marquez, Diligence International Group is the trusted advisor to countless corporations that require sophisticated investigations and research for a wide range of needs. At Diligence International Group, we have a formidable team of global investigators who understand the nuances of local cultures and local regulations in places like Mexico, China, South America, Haiti, Indonesia, Russia, and right here at home in the US and Canada. We work tirelessly to uncover the truth about complex situations in complex locales in almost every corner of the globe. We deliver results-time after time.

Doherty, Cella, Keane, LLP

Doherty, Cella, Keane LLP is a legal services firm exclusively dedicated to Social Security disability. We represent claimants nationally and at all levels of the Social Security process. With a knowledge base in Social Security and insurance that covers over 30 years, there is no more competent national law firm geared to this practice area. Doherty, Cella, Keane LLP is a Law Firm that represents claimants nationally for Social Security disability benefits and provides overpayment recovery services. We represent claimants nationally and at all levels of the Social Security process. With a knowledge base in Social Security and insurance that covers over 30 years, there is no more competent national law firm geared to this practice area.


EMSI is a leading, national provider of medical information services, including in-home phlebotomy and specimen collections for clinical research, medical evaluations and analytics for health plans, paramedical exams and medical records retrieval for insurance carriers, and drug-testing collections for employers. With more than 40 years’ experience in specimen and data collection, EMSI has the flexibility to meet the most challenging study protocols. EMSI’s national network of thousands of local health professionals, trained phlebotomists and advanced technology platform serves the world’s leading health plans, clinical research institutions, insurance companies and employers.

Integrated Benefits, Inc.

Since 1986, Integrated Benefits, Inc (IBI) has created value for insurers by providing premium representation to claimants. Our specialized professionals and innovative process deliver the highest level of Social Security representation and superlative resolution of overpayments and benefit integration, guaranteed. Please contact Matt Jensen at (813) 417-1569 or matt@ibionline.com

MIB Group, Inc.

MIB Cross Check teams the industry's most powerful name search technology with fuzzy-logic matching against the SSDMF and other data sources, giving life insurers a robust, accurate tool to strengthen their unclaimed property compliance. Our additional data sources deliver up to 30% more unique death notifications beyond the SSDMF, compiled from over 3,000 continuously updated public sources. MIB Cross Check streamlines your due diligence with unsurpassed accuracy and a minimum of false positives, from one of the most trusted names in the insurance industry today—MIB. See why MIB Cross Check is a clear match for unclaimed property compliance, www.mibgroup.com/comp/crosscheck.html.

Professional Disability Associates

Professional Disability Associates (PDA), located in Portland, Maine, is an innovative disability services company and industry leader that provides specialty risk resources, including medical, vocational and claim management services, to major disability insurers, reinsurers and self-insured employers. PDA partners with clients to deliver customized solutions and is trained and focused on the nuances of disability insurance. Our attention to quality is unrivaled.

PsyBar, LLC

PsyBar is one of the largest specialty providers of independent medical evaluations for employers and insurers. Services available include PsyBar’s Fitness For Duty Assessments, Disability or Workers’ Compensation Evaluations, and Risk Assessments. Risk managers, human resource directors, insurance claims managers and employee benefits professionals rely on PsyBar’s network of forensic professionals, in over 1,800 locations, to ensure that their workforce is safe and productive.